CRYWOLVES are five musicians who have come together both by chance & determination alike. They make music that they love, whilst trying not to kill one another.

There’s no romantic story here, nothing to make you instantly fall in love with them. Except perhaps their collective passions for creating music that means more to each of them than they mean to each other. Maybe that will change, over time. But for now, there is no back story.

Personal trials and tribulations aren’t important. We all have our crosses to bear, and we ALL have our struggles. What makes these people different is the music that they create when they’re together. It exudes a desperate air of escapism, whilst drenched in a strange kind of melodic uncomfortableness. Each band member playing for their lives.

One thing is for certain, these boys may not have been looking for one another, or waiting on destiny to lavish them with good fortune. But now that they’ve found one another through both determination & chance alike, they hope to hold onto themselves for dear life…At least now, there is happiness. Although, you’d never believe it. But there is!