11/04/2020 – Lockdown………

So COVID-19 is stopping normal movement and threatening the lives and health of the world’s people…………the world is a very different place to the start of 2020!

In the land of lockdown and isolation CRYWOLVES have been busy and we’re stoked that you’re here on what is the very beginning of our journey. And isn’t our timing just perfect? A #lockdownlaunch you might say…With that in mind, we’re very much “it’s now or never”.

So what’s to come? Within the next 48 hrs, we’ll be sharing a couple of tracks with you. The first of which is a very poignant and immediately topical track, called ‘Apocalypse’…Watch out for a lyric video to support this, imminently.
Meanwhile, thanks in advance for your love & support…We massively appreciate it.

Blaine, Tommy, Gilles, Tom & Stani